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Playa Coyote is considered by many to be one of the best and remote beaches in Costa Rica. The perfect place to have a long relaxing holiday this picturesque beach offers tourists amazing sunsets and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The spot is ideal for surfing, fishing and romantic vactions and listed among the top secluded beaches in Costa Rica


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Coyote Beach

The beach

Punta Coyote, the southern beach, is set in a large bay surrounded by a palm grove with a well-kept picnic area and campsites. The bay is protected by a rocky promontory, so the water is calm, perfect for children and non-swimmers. It is so shallow that at low tide the beach becomes a 200 meter wide area of ​​powdery sand, while at high tide it almost disappears.

Coyote Beach

Upper and lower Playa Coyote

The beach of Playa Coyote is divided by the river Jabillo and the mouth of the mangroves. To travel from the south (Coyote Point) to the northern Coyote Beach (Gold Coast), you must drive 5 km inland via San Francisco de Coyote.

Coyote Beach

Nature reserve

At the northern end of the beach of Punta Coyote, there is the mouth of the river Jabillo, where you can see waterfowl like herons and egrets. Sometimes you can see crocodiles on the riverbank.
To the south, the rocky promontory of Punta Coyote closes the adjacent beach of Caletas Beach, part of the Caletas Ario Wildlife Refuge. The reserve was established in 2006 to protect one of Costa Rica's premier hatcheries for sea turtles.

Coyote Beach

Surfing Playa Coyote

Surfers can rent tanga boards at the beach restaurant to surf in front of Punta Coyote, a 20-minute walk around the rocky headland. The left and right reef breaks are best when the waves rise from the south.

Coyote Beach

San Francisco de Coyote

Five kilometers further inland is the village of San Francisco de Coyote with some shops, cabins and restaurants. A daily bus to San Jose will take you to the beaches of Bejuco and San Miguel. Other buses will take you to Jicaral and the ferry to Playa Naranjo.


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The best place to vacation and relax. Super beautiful beach and the place is very safe.


An excellent beach! Coyote Point of the best sunsets!


Beautiful! More beautiful than Panama beach At night it is most beautiful. It is the beautiful edge of the world.

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Absolutely. The beach is kept under blue-flag conditions. It is cleaned every day and behind the shore-line are many benches for sitting, having a drink and relaxing.

Tourists love easy access. As the paved road ends in Samara mass tourism ends here too. But Playa Coyote exceeds Samara beach in many ways. True, driving on dusty roads is often inconvenient, but this enabled Playa Coyote to keep its natural beauty.

The best time to come is between December and March when the area is in Dry Season and still green. Still, Ticos love to be here in April and May, when the surrounding is quite dry but without the humidity of the Green Season. Between May and September, you will experience the beginning of Green Season with occasional rains, that last between some minutes and some hours. The rest of the time is sunny with refreshing nights. Green Season and the true Rainy Season between October and November are the best times for fishing.

There are many pleasant accommodations near the Playa. From simple to luxurious, every vacationer will find a place where he will feel at home. Of course, we recommend our own apartment house, Casita Amarilla as a relaxing opportunity to enjoy the sea and to relax in an open, bright environment with lots of gardens. Whether for a short or long time, with us you will feel comfortable.


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